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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chicago Might Be A Long Drive....

Home, with the Kittycat, Miss Kitty, as well as King Lear the HUGE and Queen Mab, the Dainty.

It was quite an adventure, and the last hour took two due to snowstorms, and I hadn't exactly slept, but we made it in time to the show JUST. Missed Boss's Amanda Introduction, Rats. As a show, I can tell you it was well worth everything we went to to get to it. I had never seen her and her Danger Ensemble live before, and tape just doesn't convey how amazing cool this show IS. The women has energy, and energy to spare. She is a party all of her own, and I for one, was glad to be invited. It made me happy, all of them together.

I get to go again tomorrow, due to a strange switching of gigs . (NOTE: Paul and Lorraine will not be at Charile's Friday this weekend, we will there on Saturday night , AND the following Friday the 12th)

Getting King Lear and Queen Mad this morning was a sleepy adventure, but I woke up a bit when the Gentleman said he was glad I brought the large cage, as Lear was now weighing in at 30 pounds. The pictures do not really show how HUGE a dude he IS...

I went into the bathroom, where they were, and Queen Mab was high on a shelf. Not high Bengal wise, just cat wise. Lear was hiding in a cave of clothes, when I threw him some shrimp, which he likes. I felt so badly for him, for some reason, being there, and him not knowing what was going on, but knowing something was up, just eating his Shrimp and looking at me, saying "Make it right".. He's been unhappy for a long time, and not in the right place, despite people trying. I want him to be happy.

Here's Mab peeking. I had been with her too you see...

Lear took some chicken from me, on the way home, and did some mewing, and some hissing. He let me scritch his ears, and leaned into the scritch, and blinked at me. He also freaked, lashed out with his claws, tore my coat, and scratched me, but it was all pretty new. They are happy in their room, I hope, I really want him, and Mab to be.

This is as much as The Zombie of No Sleep, Princess of Dead Tired, can write to her Fiends this evening. Your chatter was much appreciated on the drive down and back, and the long hours of the night. Many thanks to Maure in Chicago for putting up Kitty and I for the night! And for not leaving us at the show! (Tho Maure and I did get locked outside the club, despite passes and all my dead brain could do was laugh and freeze)

All in all, very fun! I will leave you will a shot of Kali, aka Selina Kyle, who is traveling to LA tomorrow! We will miss her, but I am sure we have not heard the last of her!

Love and Travel,


Blogger Dan Guy said...

Laser cat!

December 8, 2008 at 5:21 AM  
Blogger spacedlaw said...

Not sure how this got posted here as well...

December 11, 2008 at 10:15 AM  

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