We're Irish Enough For You!

Friday, December 19, 2008

We are playing at Charlie's this Friday and Saturday

I wanted to make sure that anyone checking could see that we are playing at Charlie's this weekend. We are booked there every other weekend, I believe into February and we should have all that posted soon.

We will also be playing New Years Eve and that is always a blast. I'm hoping to bring some Christmas goodies to the show tomorrow and I'll attempt to do a post about that either today or tomorrow.

Safe travels to everyone, and a happy holiday to all.

-Dr. Paul

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Microwbrew Mania and Music Mayhem!!!

Okay people, listen up! This Friday December 12th is and event that will be as big as YOU make it. The Water Street Inn is having an event like I have not seen before. Basically, for $10 in advance ($12 at the door) you will acquire a wrist-band that will allow you to continually sample any of SEVEN different beers that will be on hand. I know times are tough right now and money is short, but for the price about two downtown beers you can drink all night and listen to us play.

This could easily turn in to a St. Patrick's day-like event. I will post the actual information below but please feel free to contact us or the Water Street Inn with any questions. I'll make additional posts in the comments as I believe we should be able to get some guest musicians to show up as well! This will be taking place in their LARGE ballroom, not the cozy bar, so we can easily fit a lot of people.

I'm excited for this and like I said, it will be as fun as the people who show up!

Here is the info posted verbatim from facebook:

On December 12th the Water Street Inn is hosting it's first Microbrew Mania event in the ballroom. Starting at 7pm this event will only cost $10 with advance reservatiion (651-439-6000 or by confirming through this event page) or $12 at the door. Come and taste seven different tap beers including microbrewed, craft and imported brews.
With admission you can sample to your heart's content and listen to live Irish music. Band will be Paul and Lorraine. Charlie's Irish Pub will have it's full line up of Irish whiskeys, tap beers and other spirits available for separate purchase in the foyer outside of the ballroom. Local brewers Lift Bridge Brewery will be on hand with a specialty cask along with other distributors to talk about their love of BEER. The Water Street Inn's full line up of Appetizers will be available for purchase as well that evening.

On tap:
Two Brothers, French Country Ale; Illinois
Big Sky, Moose Drool Brown Ale; Montana
Murphy's, Irish Red; Ireland
Lift Bridge Brewery, Farm Girl Saison; Stillwater
Weihenstephan, Lager; Germany
Red Hook, Late Harvest Autumn Ale; New Hampshire
Lift Bridge Brewery, Double-hopped Pale Ale; Stillwater

**To help make this event a success for everyone, please do not confirm your reservation on facebook unless you plan on actually attending. Also facebook reservations are only for one person, so pass the invites on through this page or to reserve for a larger group please call the hotel at 651-439-6000 **

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chicago Might Be A Long Drive....

Home, with the Kittycat, Miss Kitty, as well as King Lear the HUGE and Queen Mab, the Dainty.

It was quite an adventure, and the last hour took two due to snowstorms, and I hadn't exactly slept, but we made it in time to the show JUST. Missed Boss's Amanda Introduction, Rats. As a show, I can tell you it was well worth everything we went to to get to it. I had never seen her and her Danger Ensemble live before, and tape just doesn't convey how amazing cool this show IS. The women has energy, and energy to spare. She is a party all of her own, and I for one, was glad to be invited. It made me happy, all of them together.

I get to go again tomorrow, due to a strange switching of gigs . (NOTE: Paul and Lorraine will not be at Charile's Friday this weekend, we will there on Saturday night , AND the following Friday the 12th)

Getting King Lear and Queen Mad this morning was a sleepy adventure, but I woke up a bit when the Gentleman said he was glad I brought the large cage, as Lear was now weighing in at 30 pounds. The pictures do not really show how HUGE a dude he IS...

I went into the bathroom, where they were, and Queen Mab was high on a shelf. Not high Bengal wise, just cat wise. Lear was hiding in a cave of clothes, when I threw him some shrimp, which he likes. I felt so badly for him, for some reason, being there, and him not knowing what was going on, but knowing something was up, just eating his Shrimp and looking at me, saying "Make it right".. He's been unhappy for a long time, and not in the right place, despite people trying. I want him to be happy.

Here's Mab peeking. I had been with her too you see...

Lear took some chicken from me, on the way home, and did some mewing, and some hissing. He let me scritch his ears, and leaned into the scritch, and blinked at me. He also freaked, lashed out with his claws, tore my coat, and scratched me, but it was all pretty new. They are happy in their room, I hope, I really want him, and Mab to be.

This is as much as The Zombie of No Sleep, Princess of Dead Tired, can write to her Fiends this evening. Your chatter was much appreciated on the drive down and back, and the long hours of the night. Many thanks to Maure in Chicago for putting up Kitty and I for the night! And for not leaving us at the show! (Tho Maure and I did get locked outside the club, despite passes and all my dead brain could do was laugh and freeze)

All in all, very fun! I will leave you will a shot of Kali, aka Selina Kyle, who is traveling to LA tomorrow! We will miss her, but I am sure we have not heard the last of her!

Love and Travel,

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Jameson!!! Friday December 5th - THIS FRIDAY!!!

Seriously, how cool is that?

Jameson Irish Whiskey will be doing a promotion at Charlie's Irish Pub from 10pm-11:30pm with free prizes (shirts, hats, cards, lights, etc.) and giving out free samples of Jameson Ginger Ale and Jameson with Coke.

Lorraine and I will be there, of course, and so should the lovely Jameson ladies!

If you have been down to Charlie's, then you know how warm and welcoming it is, and what a great time everyone has. If you have not, come down and find out! We hope to see lots of familiar faces down there and bring some friends and song requests.

See you there!

-Paul and Lorraine

Friday, October 24, 2008

A good weekend for a gig

Well, that time of the week is here again where Lorraine and I venture forth to the wonderful still waters to fill the air with music and the bellies with fabulous food and beguiling beverages! If rumors are indeed true, then our good friend and talented musician Dylan Hatch will be joining us for certain on Friday night and may even return on Saturday night. If I receive confirmation one way or the other before tomorrow I will indeed post it.

If you have been down to see Lorraine and I, but have not seen us with Dylan yet, you should definitely head out as see how he seamlessly merges with our sound adding fantastic harmonies, driving drum beats and humor (last element open for interpretation). Of course with two boys on stage, lorraine begins to feel outnumbered, but we would never think of pressing such an advantage.

So come on down, raise a glass, sing along, and join us for a few hours where you can forget about everything else and just be with friends.


-Dr. Paul

Monday, September 29, 2008

Back from the dead

Hey everyone! Well, clearly we... okay, this blog is primarily my responsibility so... I have been lacking in keeping up with our blog. I have some pictures to post from the fantastic time we had this weekend at Charlie's! Lorraine and I want to personally thank every single one of you for making it down there and filling the room with energy. We couldn't do it without you! As far as the names of the groups go, it would help me out if you would drop me a line letting me know what you would like to be called and as always if you want the picture pulled down for any reason, just drop me a line.

Our new gig schedule should be up shortly so look for that too! I'll be back with more soon, but I know there are quite a few people out there waiting for these pictures, so here they are!

Well, that was messy. I must work on that.

Coming in the next post... Lorraine and her Pipes of Doom! There will even be a picture!

Until then (which will be soon)


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where's the Party?

Hello all!

Paul and I have been neglecting this blog so sadly, he is more than busy, I am busy, so I thought I would re-direct you to the place I am currenly doing most of my blogging, if you want the day to day picture of Bees, Bengals and Music...

I just don't have the time to do more than one, tho we will be blogging here when we have something really cool to talk about....

Thank you all of YOU for coming out to shows, you make our night, it IS all about you...

Here's the party...


Love and Irish,